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Synapse Hubcast

Welcome to The Synapse Hubcast, the crossroads of a unique nonprofit and business networking experience. Synapse facilitates connections between businesses and nonprofit groups for community and economic development. Our content reflects our distinctive culture. Give us a listen, tap in to our vibe and find out what we mean when say this is an uncommon "hopportunity".

Jun 9, 2021

With a husband in medical school and their first child on the way, business coach Elizabeth Tollis has taken the time to practice what she preaches to her clients. Being intentional about designing your business life so that it fits with your personal life is a key element to fulfillment and whatever your version of...

Jun 7, 2021

Troopster's Haley Aguilar tells us all about these Richmond (June 17) vs. Coastal (June 24) events to see who'll send more care packages and provide more smiles to our deployed heroes. Find out about Troopster's mission and how these two events exemplify their great...